Weddings and Ceremonies


Custom wedding ceremonies-- including developing the ceremony and officiating-- start at $365.

Dear same-sex couples--I share in your joy, and my heart is full with the Supreme Court ruling honoring marriage equality.

Rates for other ceremonies (home blessings, baby blessings, memorials, rite- of-passage birthday celebrations, etc.) begin at $345.00, and vary depending on the level of personalization and customization.


Premarital counseling and marital building sessions are offered for only $125.00/session.

Premarital counseling is not required, however, for almost every couple, I have found it can be of monumental benefit-- even for couples who have been together a long time, and who feel they are strong communicators. Couples who undergo premarital counseling are 31% less likely to divorce!


Relationship-building sessions and guidance and support for couples at any stage of relationship is also offered at the same hourly rate.


Now certified in the SYMBIS assessment-- in invaluable tool to see, in a full-color report based on extensive research with thousands of couples, easily seen and review where and how you correlate, what areas may need additional discussion, and what challenges you may face on your journey.

Counseling offers you an open space to share and explore your views on very specific and meaningful values, expectations, roles, etc. and I offer concrete tools for communication -- especially for hearing your partner through challenging times-- and for conflict resolution that can be used for the rest of your lives.

A link to book a time on my counseling calendar is here: Counseling Calendar.




Premarital Counseling

Motivational Speaking (Mastering the Chaos, Engaged Relationship, and Radical Balance)

Spiritual Coaching and Counseling

Separation/Divorce/Relationship transition rituals

Baby Naming and Blessing Ceremonies

Funeral and Remembrance Ceremonies

Home or Office Blessings

Personal and Professional Consulting

Event Management

Workshops or Individual Sessions

Hosting: Radio, Television, and Events