Mercy Monroe, MDiv

Greater Atlanta

Mercy’s eclectic spiritual journey began in the Southern Baptist church. She considers the impetus to explore nontraditional places and spaces of blessing one of the great gifts of coming out as a lesbian. Deeply influenced by earth-based spirituality, mindfulness meditation, and progressive Christianity, Mercy has been leading traditional and non-traditional ritual since 2010.

Her vocational background includes working for many years as a youth advocate and educator, from the wilderness of western North Carolina to a homeless shelter in St. Paul, Minnesota. In her work with youth, she gained clarity about her desire to engage others around their spirituality, ethics, and personal development.

In 2011, Mercy pursued a lifelong call to attend seminary, and she received her Masters of Divinity from United Theological Seminary of the Twin Cities in 2015. She is currently in the ordination process with the United Church of Christ. When she’s not officiating weddings, Mercy works as a hospital and hospice chaplain, providing care and presence for families in times of crisis and transition.

Mercy also enjoys theater, organic vegetables, hiking and biking. She shares life and co-creates an interfaith relationship with her partner, Malka. Mercy is passionate about social justice and invested in seeking healing, building resilience, and nourishing hope in marginalized communities.

Mercy is an artist of story, prayer, and accompaniment.   She believes that loving and just relationships can translate into a more peaceful world. When it comes to your ceremony, Mercy largely seeks to acknowledge the power of love and community, already present. She is delighted to learn and dream with you, and to craft a ritual that honors your commitment.