Walk the Line

Ceremonies with a twist Your ceremony is all about honoring the two of you and celebrating the history and traditions that make you two the beautiful and unique individuals and couple that you are. Instead of going with timeless traditions, why not tread the ceremonial boundaries by crafting some gutsy new traditions of your own?

Below, a few tips for giving your ceremony its own unique edge.

  • VENUE: Think outside the church. Next time you go to a First Friday Art Walk, check out the walls and ceilings at that local gallery. And next time you head out for dinner, check out the lighting in the neighborhood bistro. Your area may be full of unexpected venues—think museums, galleries, restaurants, warehouses…-- that may be perfect for your wedding. Lean towards places that are airy, light-filled, and lend themselves easily to different themes—or that already create an atmosphere that perfectly reflects the two of you.
  • DATE and TIME: May I serve you a croissant? Why not have a breakfast wedding? Or high-tea? Have you considered celebrating on a Wednesday evening? Families in some cultures check in to how auspicious a given date will be before booking—often consulting with astrologers before making a final decision. In addition to creating a memorable tradition all your own, you are also likely to reap major discounts from vendors for holding your ceremony on less popular days and hours, while ensuring that more vendors are likely to be available.
  • SETUP: Circle in the square. Talk to your fiancé, your planner, or even your Officiant about ways you might switch up the setup. You may arrange the seats in a circular fashion, so your guests feel more connected to your ceremony. You might decide to sashay down the aisle. What if, instead of processing in to the “Wedding March”, your procession marches in to, “Can’t Take My Eyes Off of You”?
  • THEME: Culture Splash Give a nod to your ancestry or your cultural roots by incorporating a ritual that may surprise your guests. Whatever you choose should hold some significance to you and/or your partner, but it can also be unexpected and symbolic. And, while you may choose to have your Officiant describe what you are including to guests, you may also choose to include the elements in a more subtle way—perhaps you set up an altar for a purely visual display or maybe you offer a description of a chosen ritual in your program, instead of describing it out loud.

Whatever you do, make sure it reflects your unique spirit, honors those you love, and ensures everyone has a time to remember.

Rev. Dawn is a tri-lingual Interfaith Minister, premarital counselor, writer, and a coach for professional at a turning point. Her articles and tips have been featured in Whole Life Times, LA Yoga Magazine, Awareness Magazine, GetMarried.com and in the Rainbow Wedding Network Magazine.  She is honored to have presided over more than 300 ceremonies in the Atlanta area. You can reach her at RevDawn.com or WholeLifeSolutions.biz.